Jake got his start working behind the scenes doing leatherwork for the movie "Tombstone." He caught the attention of Thell Reed, "Tombstone's" armourer. He kept Jake busy with leather, repairing saddles and making additional gun holsters for various cast members. Jake also spent time assisting in the weapons handling behind the scenes of the production. This work involves countless hours of cleaning, repairing, and loading of the cast member's weapons. The only real glamour is when you get to present a gunbelt and pistol every day to Sharon Stone while you're both on the job.

Jake designed the gun leather used by the main characters in "The Quick and the Dead" featuring Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman. Other film credits include Jeff Bridges' holsters worn in "Wild Bill," Lance Henriksen's holsters worn in "Dead Man", Sam Elliot's holsters in "Buffalo Girls," and gun leather for cast members of "The Cherokee Kid," an HBO movie starring Sinbad.

More recently, he designed spur straps, cartridge belts and other leather props for Will Smith in " Wild Wild West ". Viggo Mortensen can be seen wearing gun rigs and spur straps designed by Jake for "Hidalgo". He also made the beaded holster worn by Buffalo Bill in the same film.

It is critical on a film production for the actors and stuntmen's guns to stay in place while riding horses across the desert landscape or jumping through bar-room windows. Our heroes look their best when the cartridge belt fits perfectly on the center hole. Waist measurements are a critical part of fitting your custom holster.