All items are finished with a mixture of 100% neatsfoot oil mixed evenly with olive oil that produces a natural russet color. When oak tanned leather is first oiled it has a light amber honey color, much like it would have appeared in a western saddle shop when it was new. Imagine a brand new first generation Colt single action revolver in a new holster. Many cowboys were proud of their new purchase. These items were almost as important to him as his saddle.

Exposure to sunlight and the elements will change the color of the leather. In time, it will develop a darker russet shade, and eventually turn brown as it develops it's own unique character and patina.

No attempt is made to use brown dye or antique the leather. Dye contains alcohol that removes moisture from the leather when applied. Dye rubs off onto clothing, and is difficult to wash out. Many well maintained old west collectibles still have a light russet natural color after a century of existence.

Black is the only other finish available from Jake's shop. This is the only color any 19th century item would have been dyed. No dye is used on the inside surfaces of the holster and belts.